Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Halloween Stitches

Ever wonder why scary Halloween monsters like Frankenstein and zombies always have stitches on their head or face? Do the stiches make the creature more frightening or repulsive? Or are they somehow a sign of manhood and toughness?

Like Frankenstein, I received some stiches in my head, just in time for Halloween. While they are frightening and repulsive, they are clearly a sign of manhood and toughness.
I took this picture of my stitched dome while hoping none of my collegues were secretly watching. Since you're asking, "what did you do to your head?..." let me say, my injury was intentional. That's right. I chose to have my bald head scarred for life. Before you assume I have a psychological problem, let me explain. I have noticed a weird bump growing on the back of my head under my skin. I was hoping my brain was growing, but Web MD said it was probably a cyst. For almost a year, LaVonna kept saying, "You need to go have that thing looked at." I finally obeyed her orders and off to the dermatologist I went. He agreed with my Web MD self-diagnosis: it was just a cyst, it wasn't going to disappear, and it should be surgically removed. So, I allowed the doctor to perform a partial decapitation on me... just in time for Halloween.
The Apostle Paul wrote, "I have learned, in whatever state I am... to be content." (Philippians 4:11) This verse assumes that sometimes life is inconvenient or even depressing. The verse doesn't mean that we're always happy about everything that happens. But Scripture does teach this principle: we need to accept the situation God allows for us. Complaining about it does no good. Getting mad at God is counter-productive. I can be content and secure in God's will for my life... even if it means having a partial head-amputation.

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