Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Recently I took Benjamin and Ethan on a camping trip to some family land in the sticks of West Virginia. There is no house there, no building, no water, no people, and of course, no bathroom. But there are endless camping spots, plentiful firewood, hiking trails, wildlife and seclusion. My busy life needs the occasional refreshment of time in the wild and time with my boys. I was reminded yet again that Heaven is a place on Earth.

At the crackling campfire we stared in amazement at the innumerable stars filling the crystal-clear night sky. The three of us and sang the song, "Indescribable" and discussed how God knows the name of every one of those stars and everything about them. We talked about how the Big Dipper looks the same 3 hours away as it does at home. We listened to an owl join in with the night sounds as it repeatedly called into the darkness. We discussed at length the dangers of alcohol and drug use and how to say no to temptation. We actively missed LaVonna and the younger boys and look forward to them joining us when the young guys get a little older.

What makes Heaven a place on Earth? Extended, secluded time with God, His creation and family. On this side of Heaven, it simply will not get any better than that.

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  1. A diamond in the rough- Ben and Ethan will always treasure this time with their father and their heaven on earth.