Monday, July 27, 2009

The Good Side of the Flu

"I need you home... now!" Anytime you hear those words, it's bad news. It was Saturday morning and I was in a counseling session in my office. My dear wife called my cell and frantically said, "I need you home, now! All 3 kids are throwing up!" Now on the one hand, I want to be there to help my wife and kids. On the other hand, imagining the smell, sound, or sights of everyone with the stomach flu, the thought did cross my mind to just stay in the office and do "pastoral things." I did the right thing, ended my meeting, and hurried home to help out. By late afternoon, LaVonna went down with it too. Ever been in a house where everyone is throwing up... except you? One of the worst days imaginable. Amazingly, I felt closer to my wife and each of my kids as I ran around all day taking care of each one. Showing people how much you love them is so important. Sometimes it's a hug, a date, a bedtime story, a gift, or a game of baseball together. But nothing says "I love you" more than holding the ol' barf bucket for someone else. "...walk in love, as Christ loved us." Eph. 5:2a

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  1. Best wishes to all of you. My prayers are for a speedy recovery to all!

    I do appreciate your thoughtful planning. It makes for a more meaningful worship experience.